Brew Haus, Bradford

Every so often when exploring a new place you will walk into somewhere and, despite having never been there before, will feel completely at home. This happened to me and James when we went for a long weekend in Bradford. On the first night we popped into Brew Haus for a drink thinking that it looked quiet and quite nicely decorated, and we ended up returning the next night. We could have quite easily stopped by again on our final night but decided we ought to try somewhere else whilst we were there. View Post

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway line is a heritage railway line which runs old diesel and steam engines. I’m not a train enthusiast, but the route sounded interesting, was easily accessible from Bradford (trains run regularly to Keighley direct from Bradford Forster Square) and included a stop at Haworth, somewhere I had visited before but was keen to return. Also, there’s just something pretty exciting about steam engines! As it was, the day out became one of the highlights of our long weekend in Bradford. View Post

A long weekend in Bradford

When James recently suggested a long weekend in Bradford, I think I had the same response as everyone else I told – surprise, and then trying not to laugh. Why would we want to go there when we could just as easily return to our beloved York?! Well, price for one thing but also to explore somewhere new. I knew very little about Bradford before I left, and whilst I don’t profess to know it well now, I know there is more to it than the fictional image I had in my head. Now I’m going to try and convince you too that Bradford could be a great destination for your next long weekend. View Post

A day trip to Scarborough

I last visited Scarborough when I was a child, and remembered very little of it, so when the opportunity arose for James and I to go to the beach for the day, we decided that it was a good place to visit. Scarborough is a very easy day trip from York, with regular buses and trains. However, due to these transport links it should also be easily accessible from the rest of the UK, so if you are planning on going for a few days then it is possible to do so without a car. View Post

5 National Trust sites in and around York

Since a very young age, I have associated National Trust properties with fun days out. My parents had membership, so growing up it was a cheap and easy way to have a good day out which usually included some history, a walk and some tasty cakes! Over the past couple of years I have resisted buying membership, thinking it to be expensive and unnecessary as I don’t have a car and wouldn’t be able to reach many properties. However, I was wrong. I recently caved in and bought Young Person’s membership and have already made my money back, making it good value as I still have the rest of the year ahead. The car thing is still a bit of an issue, so I’d recommend checking which sites are accessible without a car in your area so you can still get full use of it. If you are visiting York… View Post