Alternative activities in Cambridge

Before I’d even started packing for my recent long weekend in Cambridge, I’d received a text from the friend I was going to stay with which contained very specific instructions. “Bring dance shoes, student card, and clothes you don’t mind getting slightly wet”. I was slightly intrigued as I knew some of the things I’d be doing, but not everything. One of the great things about visiting a friend in a certain location rather than just going to see the place is that you will usually get to see local’s spots, rather than just tourist locations. You are also part of their life for that weekend so end up doing things you might not usually do – which was certainly the case when I went to see Chloe. View Post

Veeno, York

I don’t like fizzy drinks. Never have done, and to be honest highly doubt that I ever will. This can make drinking in a pub problematic. Don’t get me wrong, I love cozy little pubs which serve good food, but I don’t like beer. I also don’t like anything which has a fizzy mixer. This means I usually end up drinking gin and orange (one of my favourites but can be very expensive depending on where you go) or wine. And if you are the only person drinking wine when everyone else has a pint of real ale, it makes you feel a bit pretentious. Cocktail bars are also great. But can also have a menu filled with fizzy options, and can sometimes be very loud on a night out. Taking all this into account, I can’t understand why last night was my first experience of a wine bar, but… View Post