Taking Time Off

When was the last time that you had time off? Not just a day off work, but a day off from everything? When was the last time you sat around in your pyjamas all day watching films? Or if that’s not your style, when was the last time that you had a day free of plans written in your diary, or chores listed on a to-do list? With any luck, you’re reading this and wondering when I’m going to get to the point, because actually you have plenty of time to do those things. However, I suspect you’re more likely to be nodding in resigned agreement, acknowledging the fact that yes it is too long since you had a day off. There are plenty of buzzwords around at the moment which deal with concepts such as slow living, wellbeing and self-care. They’re in the media, they’re topics of conversations on… View Post

Thermae Bath Spa

There are some people who regularly go to the spa. Whether it is for a spa weekend, a day of relaxation, or simply to treat themselves to one of the many treatments available, for some people spas are an important part of their life. I’d never really understood what the fuss was about. Spending a full day not really doing anything – surely I’d get bored?! Yet there was something about them that made me curious and want to understand the appeal. When James treated me to a trip to the Thermae Bath Spa for Christmas I was very excited, and part of that was because I’d finally get to see what all the fuss was about… View Post