A Complete Itinerary for a Week in North Wales

Whilst we were in New Zealand, James and I were doing a lot of walking and we decided that this was something that we wanted to continue whilst back in the UK. Top of our list was tackling Snowdon, something that I had never done and that James had when he was a lot younger. Combined with a desire to see more of the UK, it wasn’t long until a plan to go on holiday to North Wales was formulating, and that’s where we headed last month. Armed with our trusty AA walks book (which I can definitely recommend!) and some waterproofs, we didn’t have a clear idea of what we would be doing before we arrived and as such our itinerary was a little sporadic and involved a lot more driving than needed. I’ve refined it a little to share it with you here, but we did do everything… View Post

Exploring Castles in North Wales

With the exception of weather, which actually wasn’t that bad, North Wales pretty much ticked all my boxes for a good holiday. It was an opportunity to escape from normal life for a little, to go walking in some beautiful scenery and fit in a little bit of history. What I hadn’t realised was quite how much history we’d be fitting in! There are an abundance of castles in North Wales, and even better, they’re pretty easy to travel between. We didn’t get to them all (got to leave something for next time!) but here’s a quick guide to the ones we did see. View Post

Visiting Waterfall Country

I’m still getting used to how close Wales is to where I live now. It still seems like this distant, otherworldly land that people go to for visiting grandparents, or for a summer holiday. In actual fact, it’s just across the River Severn and really isn’t difficult to access at all. When the recent bank holiday was promising the most beautiful weather I knew I didn’t want to waste it, so off we went in the car to the Brecon Beacons to visit Waterfall Country. View Post

A day in Cardiff

Recently I was staying in the South West of the country visiting James, and so it was the perfect opportunity to explore somewhere new, as well as returning to some sites I had seen and enjoyed before. Whilst I had briefly visited Cardiff once before (for dinner on the way back from a day trip), I hadn’t seen much of it and was keen to see more. Although Cardiff is a capital city, for some reason I had originally thought that it was quite small and rundown. I was wrong, and now hope that I can return in the future as there was far more to do than we could fit into a day trip from Bristol. View Post