When the going gets tough…

I have about eight different blog posts currently sitting in various stages of draft form. Over the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to eat out at a range of different places with lots of different people, and as such I have plenty of reviews and opinions (particularly in the food department) to add to my blog. Yet at the same time, they are sitting in draft form for a reason. I guess I’m just not feeling inspired… maybe I need to go and eat some more food! View Post

The lost art of saying thank you

When I was younger, my Mum used to make me sit down and write thank you letters to anyone who had bought me anything for Christmas or for my birthday. And it wasn’t enough to just say thank you. I had to write about what I was doing/going to do with any money that had been given, why I liked whatever gift it happened to be, and if that didn’t fill the space – what I had done to celebrate. I hated it. The best bit used to be getting to use the notecards and stationery that I didn’t normally have use for. View Post