The Deep South

There’s been something rather special about telling people that I’ll have travelled from the top of the North Island to the South of the South Island during my time in New Zealand, but now unfortunately it is time for the romance to fade. Whilst we made it incredibly far south (all the way to Bluff) we didn’t make it to either of the southern signposts I was hoping to get a picture of due to a bus driver with alternative plans and a road closure… View Post


I’ve never really been a big fan of graffiti. Admittedly, most of the graffiti I’ve seen hasn’t been particularly artistic, more like profanities scrawled across the side of buildings or railway tracks. However, due to this fact I never really ‘got’ the concept of street art. Surely the phrase was just trying to make graffiti acceptable? However that was all before I first visited Bristol. As the home of Banksy, Bristol prides itself on its street art, and not just the work that Banksy has produced. It was for this very reason that I found myself going along to Upfest earlier this summer. View Post