What to read when you’ve finished watching Bridgerton

Have you watched Netflix series Bridgerton? Here’s my recommendations for what you could read if you loved Bridgerton.

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Twelve non-fiction book recommendations for life in lock-down (or any other time…)

When I was younger, I would devour book after book after book and the vast majority would be fiction. I would never consider looking for non-fiction books to buy, asking for them as gifts or getting them out of the library. I had a few, such as my trusty encyclopedia which I would happily sit and flick through but my main interest was always reading stories. That all changed rather suddenly in my early twenties. Whilst I still very much enjoy fiction, I’ve found myself reading more non-fiction than ever before. I have a long list that I want to read and I find myself gravitating towards non-fiction new releases in bookshops. View Post

World Book Day

When I was younger (and I’m talking primary school age here), World Book Day was a huge deal. You used to get to dress up, and as a different character each year! You were given book tokens for free, and the Scholastic book fair often used to come and visit at the same time. What wasn’t to love? However, as you get older, it’s no longer a big deal. This disappoints me. View Post