A Makeover Photo Shoot with Clifton Photographic Company

I don’t like having my photo taken. I’m not sure what age this started because as a child it didn’t bother me, but now I’d much rather be out of the camera shot. I feel ridiculous posing or I don’t like how the shot ends up so it all feels like a lot of hassle. However, increasingly I’m finding myself regretting not having a photo in a certain spot, either for my blog or for the memories. After all, anyone can take a picture of a place but only you can be in it. James is much the same and as a result most of the photos we have together aren’t great. They are either ridiculous selfies or we both look really awkward. Recently we both pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone and bought a couple’s makeover photo shoot with Clifton Photographic Company. The aim was to try something… View Post

In search of Red Squirrels

There is something rather special about red squirrels and I’ve always felt quite attached to them. Perhaps it was growing up in Cumbria, but I always enjoyed Beatrix Potter’s The tale of Squirrel Nutkin and at one point we had a red squirrel who lived in our back garden which was great. Because they are now so rare, it feels incredibly lucky if you have seen one. When we heard about a place in Scotland that had an abundance of red squirrels which you could get quite close to, it definitely seemed worth checking out. View Post