Twelve non-fiction book recommendations for life in lock-down (or any other time…)

When I was younger, I would devour book after book after book and the vast majority would be fiction. I would never consider looking for non-fiction books to buy, asking for them as gifts or getting them out of the library. I had a few, such as my trusty encyclopedia which I would happily sit and flick through but my main interest was always reading stories. That all changed rather suddenly in my early twenties. Whilst I still very much enjoy fiction, I’ve found myself reading more non-fiction than ever before. I have a long list that I want to read and I find myself gravitating towards non-fiction new releases in bookshops. View Post

5 books you must read

An addiction to reading can be strangely like an addiction to chocolate. Certainly I find that I can go into a bookshop and come out without buying anything, similar to the way I can go into a chocolate shop and not buy anything – although both these things can be very difficult! However, if I go into my local library I just have to get something out, just like if I go out for a meal I will always choose the chocolate option on the dessert menu. Another similarity is when it comes to quality. I can sit and eat Dairy Milk like there is no tomorrow. It tastes great, but it’s not the best of chocolates. I can also sit and binge-read on ‘chick-lit’ – it’s usually predictable and not very clever, but as soon as I finish one I can be straight onto the other. However, take a… View Post