A Day in Newcastle

I’m sure that everyone can think of somewhere close to home that they haven’t really explored. Either somewhere you go with a specific purpose, such as to work, or somewhere you’ve been but never really tried to get under the skin of. It’s very easily done and might be because you don’t think that place is worth exploring, but it’s often nice to discover things that are right on your doorstep. View Post

A Weekend in Birmingham

Birmingham is not somewhere I had ever really imagined going for a weekend away. Admittedly my only experience had really been changing trains at New Street Station, but it seemed large, overcrowded, noisy and the sort of place that I would usually try to avoid. However, it is a useful midway point between the north and south of the country, so a weekend in Birmingham was on the cards. A trip to Cadbury World was top of my list of things to do, but I hadn’t realised the abundance of other things that could easily fill a weekend. View Post

Spending time in Bath

The city of Bath is beautiful and is the sort of place you could very happily spend several hours wandering round without having anything in particular planned. There are plenty of shops (independent retailers and high street chains) and tea rooms that you could easily pass the time in. There are also a multitude of different attractions which could be seen as part of a day trip, or make up the bulk of a long weekend. Here are some of the ones I’ve enjoyed (and some that I have on my list for next time!). View Post

A weekend in Liverpool

I was delighted when my little brother got into Liverpool University as it was an excellent excuse to visit the city and get to know it better (I was pleased for his sake too!). I had already decided I liked Liverpool after a trip last summer, and had several things on my list that I wanted to visit this time. Keen to be accommodating, I asked him where he would like to see or where he would like to go to eat… and then wished I hadn’t bothered. Whilst I did get caught up in the “uni bubble”, I was still keen to explore and get to know the city I was living in, whereas Andrew is quite happy in his bubble. It felt more like I was the one showing him around… but we did have an excellent time! View Post