Review: Dishoom, London

When I’m visiting somewhere I love stumbling across new places that I’d never have found otherwise. It’s a great way to explore and makes everything feel a little more spontaneous. However, if I’ve heard good things about somewhere then I’m not going to be one to turn down an opportunity to go. After all, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush right?! When I was last in London my friends suggested heading to Dishoom for dinner and I just couldn’t resist it, despite the fact I knew it was going to be very busy without a recommendation. I’d only attempted to go once before and had been put off by the queue then, so decided that this time I would wait it out. View Post

Review: Aladdin, London

Ever since I first saw Aladdin being advertised I knew it was a West End show that I wanted to see. For a start, I’m a huge Disney fan and (thought I) knew all the songs. My best friend also wanted to see it. The costumes were bound to be spectacular. I love going to see musicals, particularly in London, and this was added to my list straight away. And, when Sophie and I finally managed to get our diaries to align, we went to see it! View Post

Review: Sophie’s Steakhouse, London

When you are visiting London it can be easy to panic about how expensive everything is. Accommodation, attractions, eating out… if you’re not there for long you want to make the most of everything and that always seems to involve spending lots of money (although there are plenty of great guides out there on how to get the most out of London for free). One thing that I wasn’t aware of until recently was that you can actually eat out quite cheaply at some great places simply by opting for the theatre menu. View Post

New Year in London

I’ve spent New Year in a few different places – at parties, working behind a bar (not fun!), tucked up in bed, and in Edinburgh, but I think one of my best new year’s to date was ending 2015 and starting 2016 in London. I went with a group of friends, which of course was partly what made the whole experience, but I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has considered it as an option. View Post

Hummus Bros, Soho, London

I like to plan. I’m also from a rural area and big cities can sometimes overwhelm me, so when visiting somewhere like London, I always make sure I have a reasonable idea of where I am going to go and what I am going to do in my time there. When I went for a short break a couple of years ago, I trawled through a range of guidebooks in my local library for recommendations of places to go and things to see. Whilst I am happier to be more spontaneous now, I’m so glad I planned for this trip, as it was how I first discovered and visited Hummus Bros. It appeared to be quite a small and quirky place, with great reviews on TripAdvisor, so I decided to try it out for some lunch. I was not disappointed and as a result it was top of my list… View Post