Places you should visit in England

When I was a child I couldn’t understand why people came on holiday to England, or why you would stay in England if you could go abroad. I was lucky to go on quite a few foreign holidays and I loved them. It was great getting to see new places and (usually) some warmer weather. However as I’ve gotten older I’ve appreciated England more and more. There are places I love to visit and even more that I want to visit. Last year in particular I realised how much the country had to offer as I saw a lot more of it, including places that would never have been at the top of my bucket list. This week is English Tourism Week so it seems like a good opportunity to share some of the places that I think you should visit in England whether you live in the UK or… View Post

A weekend in Liverpool

I was delighted when my little brother got into Liverpool University as it was an excellent excuse to visit the city and get to know it better (I was pleased for his sake too!). I had already decided I liked Liverpool after a trip last summer, and had several things on my list that I wanted to visit this time. Keen to be accommodating, I asked him where he would like to see or where he would like to go to eat… and then wished I hadn’t bothered. Whilst I did get caught up in the “uni bubble”, I was still keen to explore and get to know the city I was living in, whereas Andrew is quite happy in his bubble. It felt more like I was the one showing him around… but we did have an excellent time! View Post

Liverpool Highlights

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Liverpool with a group of friends and once again came home knowing that I really need to spend more time exploring the UK. There are plenty of places abroad that I would love to visit, but there are also plenty of places in the UK that I haven’t seen and could spend plenty more time exploring. Anyway, back to Liverpool. I had only ever been once before for a Christmas shopping trip to Liverpool One. There hadn’t really been much chance for exploring, but I set that to rights this last weekend. View Post