Instagram: travel friend or foe?

Shortly before Christmas I read an article in the Guardian titled Instacrammed: the big fib at the heart of New Zealand picture-perfect peaks. Intrigued, after all it was covering two subjects I’m very much interested in, I read on. The article describes how social media has given certain hikes unprecedented popularity almost overnight, and the effects that that has had on the walks themselves. It includes the rather amusing picture of someone taking their perfect photo, contrasted to the line of people behind them queuing to get pretty much the same shot. It made me consider both my own travel experiences in New Zealand, and my use of the Instagram app. View Post

Inspirational Friends

I am very lucky to know some incredible people. I am even luckier to count a large number of those people among my friends, and very many of them are close friends at that. I was recently inspired on my trip to France. I was going to visit someone who has not only had to get used to living in a different place over the last year, and in a different language nevertheless, but has also been carrying out a long distance relationship and sticking to her vegetarianism – when France is known as a country it is very difficult to be a vegetarian in! This girl, as well as being a great friend, is pretty inspiring. View Post