Circular Walks close to Bristol

Recently we’ve been able to get out much more to explore our local area, so I wanted to share a few of my favourite circular walks close to Bristol.

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A Complete Itinerary for a Week in North Wales

Whilst we were in New Zealand, James and I were doing a lot of walking and we decided that this was something that we wanted to continue whilst back in the UK. Top of our list was tackling Snowdon, something that I had never done and that James had when he was a lot younger. Combined with a desire to see more of the UK, it wasn’t long until a plan to go on holiday to North Wales was formulating, and that’s where we headed last month. Armed with our trusty AA walks book (which I can definitely recommend!) and some waterproofs, we didn’t have a clear idea of what we would be doing before we arrived and as such our itinerary was a little sporadic and involved a lot more driving than needed. I’ve refined it a little to share it with you here, but we did do everything… View Post

Visiting Waterfall Country

I’m still getting used to how close Wales is to where I live now. It still seems like this distant, otherworldly land that people go to for visiting grandparents, or for a summer holiday. In actual fact, it’s just across the River Severn and really isn’t difficult to access at all. When the recent bank holiday was promising the most beautiful weather I knew I didn’t want to waste it, so off we went in the car to the Brecon Beacons to visit Waterfall Country. View Post

Top 10 New Zealand Experiences

I wrote a lot of posts about New Zealand whilst we were away, and each place that we visited contained new highlights and things that I’ll remember forever. When people ask what my favourite things to do and places to see were, I have some obvious memorable moments. However, the more I think about a certain place, the more I remember and usually end up decided that that was a highlight to. So, to make things a little easier. Here’s my New Zealand top ten that I’d recommend to anyone travelling there. View Post


For the entirety of our trip we’d heard lots about Queenstown – how it was the place to be and that you could never spend enough time there. I was half expecting it to be overrated and come away disappointed but I was very wrong. I’ve become yet another Queenstown convert as I loved it and thought it lived up to the hype. View Post