When the going gets tough…

I have about eight different blog posts currently sitting in various stages of draft form. Over the last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to eat out at a range of different places with lots of different people, and as such I have plenty of reviews and opinions (particularly in the food department) to add to my blog. Yet at the same time, they are sitting in draft form for a reason. I guess I’m just not feeling inspired… maybe I need to go and eat some more food! View Post

Inspirational Friends

I am very lucky to know some incredible people. I am even luckier to count a large number of those people among my friends, and very many of them are close friends at that. I was recently inspired on my trip to France. I was going to visit someone who has not only had to get used to living in a different place over the last year, and in a different language nevertheless, but has also been carrying out a long distance relationship and sticking to her vegetarianism – when France is known as a country it is very difficult to be a vegetarian in! This girl, as well as being a great friend, is pretty inspiring. View Post