Koh Thai Tapas, Bristol

When looking for somewhere to eat in Bristol I am spoiled for choice. There are a mixture of independent restaurants and chains, but even those belonging to chains I am often unfamiliar with as they haven’t made it to Cumbria or York. As a result, I’ve been basing my choices on people’s recommendations (if you have any please do send them my way). I had heard several things about Koh Thai Tapas and it was close to a few bars that our group wanted to go to so it seemed like a good decision. View Post

Review: Brunch at York’s Bakery Café, Birmingham

One of the best things about booking just a room in a hotel, rather than bed and breakfast, means that it gives you the opportunity to go out for breakfast. I love going out for breakfast or brunch, although I usually find my appetite is three times the size of what it would be if I was just having breakfast at home. Anyway, given the fact that breakfast wasn’t included in our room tariff, and the time of our trains, it made sense for me and James to go out for brunch when we were in Birmingham and following a recommendation from a blog we headed to York’s Café. View Post

Review: Nepalese food at Yak Yeti Yak, Bath

When you’ve lived somewhere for several years, and have fallen in love with the city and the experiences you had there, it is very hard to let go. This is why I still spend an awful lot of time thinking about York, reminiscing with other people about York, and wondering when I can next go and visit York. Whilst I was staying with James over New Year, we started discussing the range of great restaurants in York, including The Yak and Yeti which had been one of our favourites. I haven’t seen a Nepalese restaurant since. However, when I was researching somewhere to eat in Bath after our trip to the Thermae Bath Spa, I stumbled across Yak Yeti Yak and there was suddenly no question about where we would be going. View Post

Review: Thai food at Khao San Road, York

I was once a very fussy eater. Now I enjoy food much more and am considerably less fussy and more open to trying new things than I ever was as a child. However, I’m still not a fan of spicy food. Sometimes even something classified as ‘medium’ is a little too much for me, and I’m always cautious of anything that contains chilli. For this reason, I have pretty much avoided Thai food as I had heard of its reputation for being spicy. Khao San Road had been recommended to me by a variety of people, so when a friend suggested going, I decided that it was worth a shot. View Post

Pitcher and Piano, York

Sometimes being spontaneous can be the best way of going for a meal. In the past going out for a meal has been a treat, but one that has been carefully planned and booked in advance. However, the other day my boyfriend and I decided to go for a meal quite spontaneously and it was wonderful. View Post