Kaikoura is a small coastal town which is famous for its marine life. In 2016 the main roads to Kaikoura were cut off after an earthquake and even now the northbound road is still closed making it more difficult to get to as it’s no longer on the main route north. Although it’s a small and sleepy little town it’s definitely worth coming to visit and spending a few days here to make sure you can see all of the wildlife. View Post


My first impressions of Paihia were that it was very much a tourist town and I’ll admit, I started to wonder if we were right to spend four nights there. The beach didn’t look as good as I expected and the town was very small and filled with souvenir shops. However, by the end of the four nights I was ready to leave but didn’t feel like we’d wasted our time there. In fact, we managed to cram quite a bit in including my highlight of the trip so far. View Post