Review: 1331, York

It appears that Thursdays are not the night to go on a date. Who knew? Taking advantage of the fact I couldn’t dance for a week due to an injury, James decided to take me out for a meal as we were overdue a date. We both thought Thursday would be a quieter night to go out somewhere, and it fitted in with other plans, so James booked a table. We had a great time and some delicious food, but it certainly wasn’t what we had expected! View Post

Sometimes… a night in is better than a night out can ever be

My boyfriend and I have done quite well during the time we have been at university, often going out once or twice a term together and each time trying to go somewhere new. As a result, when our friends want recommendations, they often come to us because we dare to try places beyond Nandos and Wagamamas (for the record, I think both are highly overrated!). However, sometimes it can be nice to stay in. You don’t have to go anywhere and it’s a lot cheaper, although the washing up afterwards can be a bit of a pain! View Post