Brunch at Yurt Lush, Bristol

I’ve said it before, and I’ll happily say it again – brunch is one of my favourite meals of the day. Associated by me with lazy weekends, exploring new places or seeing friends, brunch is a fun and tasty treat. I could quite happily spend every Saturday going to different trendy cafes and trying out their brunch options. However, my money would soon run out and if I did it all the time it wouldn’t quite feel as special, so for now it’s still an occasional thing. A friend coming to Bristol for the weekend was just the excuse I needed to try somewhere new and when a colleague suggested Yurt Lush to me, I decided not to look too much further. View Post

Brunch at Souk Kitchen, Southville

I’ve always enjoyed going out for breakfast or brunch. It’s so far from my usual bowl of cereal that it feels like a real treat, often more so than going out for an evening meal. In recent years going for brunch seems to have become increasingly popular (blames us millennials and our love of avocado) and as a result there are all sorts of different places that you can go which are open for breakfast. However, as much as I enjoy it sometimes the menus do get a little repetitive and so it’s nice to have something a little different, which is exactly what Souk Kitchen offers. View Post

Home Sweet Home, Manchester

I think that brunch might be my favourite meal of the day. In fact, if I lived in a city and wasn’t spending as much money visiting places I could quite easily get into the habit of going for brunch every weekend. It’s nice being able to have a lazier morning, enjoy a big meal and then not worry about eating for the rest of the day, but still having plenty of time to do things. I also think that brunch is late enough in the day that you can follow up your meal with some cake, whereas breakfast is just a bit too early for that unless it’s a special occasion. View Post

Review: Brunch at York’s Bakery Café, Birmingham

One of the best things about booking just a room in a hotel, rather than bed and breakfast, means that it gives you the opportunity to go out for breakfast. I love going out for breakfast or brunch, although I usually find my appetite is three times the size of what it would be if I was just having breakfast at home. Anyway, given the fact that breakfast wasn’t included in our room tariff, and the time of our trains, it made sense for me and James to go out for brunch when we were in Birmingham and following a recommendation from a blog we headed to York’s Café. View Post