Places you should visit in England

When I was a child I couldn’t understand why people came on holiday to England, or why you would stay in England if you could go abroad. I was lucky to go on quite a few foreign holidays and I loved them. It was great getting to see new places and (usually) some warmer weather. However as I’ve gotten older I’ve appreciated England more and more. There are places I love to visit and even more that I want to visit. Last year in particular I realised how much the country had to offer as I saw a lot more of it, including places that would never have been at the top of my bucket list. This week is English Tourism Week so it seems like a good opportunity to share some of the places that I think you should visit in England whether you live in the UK or… View Post

Brew Haus, Bradford

Every so often when exploring a new place you will walk into somewhere and, despite having never been there before, will feel completely at home. This happened to me and James when we went for a long weekend in Bradford. On the first night we popped into Brew Haus for a drink thinking that it looked quiet and quite nicely decorated, and we ended up returning the next night. We could have quite easily stopped by again on our final night but decided we ought to try somewhere else whilst we were there. View Post

A long weekend in Bradford

When James recently suggested a long weekend in Bradford, I think I had the same response as everyone else I told – surprise, and then trying not to laugh. Why would we want to go there when we could just as easily return to our beloved York?! Well, price for one thing but also to explore somewhere new. I knew very little about Bradford before I left, and whilst I don’t profess to know it well now, I know there is more to it than the fictional image I had in my head. Now I’m going to try and convince you too that Bradford could be a great destination for your next long weekend. View Post