Happy Birthday – 1 year old!

I officially posted my first ever blog post a year ago today. What started as a post-dissertation project/what I hoped would be a fast-track into the exciting world of professional blogging, has become so much more. View Post

Sundays are for blogging…

I don’t know about you, but at weekends my Instagram feed is generally filled with people stating about how Sundays are perfect for being lazy, or how Sundays are for blogging. These posts are almost always accompanied by either a photo of a laptop and coffee (perfectly presented of course) or a very clean and neatly made up bed. The bed pictures in particular really irritate me. If I was having a lazy Sunday blogging from my bed, my bed would 1) not be neatly made up but actually look like a bit of a mess (due to the fact I would be/would have been in it) and 2) I would most definitely not have got out of it to take numerous photos to post on Instagram in a post that rivals one of Ikea’s. View Post

Life is a competition, but it’s not all about winning and losing

The older I get, the more I’m aware of life being a competition, which is ironic as it is a lot more subtle than it used to be. Back in primary school it was all about who got the highest percentage on an end of term test, or whose plant grew the most flowers. Now it is everything and anything, from friends and relationships to jobs and lifestyle. Social media most definitely doesn’t help – always encouraging you to have the most likes, friends or followers. Success has become a number, not a feeling. View Post