Review: Brunch at York’s Bakery Café, Birmingham

One of the best things about booking just a room in a hotel, rather than bed and breakfast, means that it gives you the opportunity to go out for breakfast. I love going out for breakfast or brunch, although I usually find my appetite is three times the size of what it would be if I was just having breakfast at home. Anyway, given the fact that breakfast wasn’t included in our room tariff, and the time of our trains, it made sense for me and James to go out for brunch when we were in Birmingham and following a recommendation from a blog we headed to York’s Café. View Post

A Weekend in Birmingham

Birmingham is not somewhere I had ever really imagined going for a weekend away. Admittedly my only experience had really been changing trains at New Street Station, but it seemed large, overcrowded, noisy and the sort of place that I would usually try to avoid. However, it is a useful midway point between the north and south of the country, so a weekend in Birmingham was on the cards. A trip to Cadbury World was top of my list of things to do, but I hadn’t realised the abundance of other things that could easily fill a weekend. View Post

Review: The Lost & Found, Birmingham

I love food. I’m not quite sure when it all started because as a child I was quite a fussy eater, but I really enjoy food. When exploring somewhere new, or even somewhere familiar, one of my favourite things to do is look up places to eat out. Reading restaurant menus is great fun and if I’ve planned where I’m going in advance I’ll often know what I’m going to eat before I set foot in the restaurant. So much for spontaneity… Anyway, when it was decided that James and I would be heading to Birmingham for the weekend, I just couldn’t help but do some research which led to us booking a table at The Lost & Found. View Post

Cadbury World

As a lover of chocolate, a trip to Cadbury World sounds like a dream. It is somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time. I had actually been before a long time ago (so long I don’t remember anything about it), but my parents had never been particularly positive about the trip. I also wasn’t in a desperate rush to visit Birmingham, and so it had seemed unlikely that I would get to Cadbury World any time soon. However, as Birmingham is a useful midway point between the north and south (who knew?!) it became a natural meeting point for me and James, meaning that Cadbury World was very much on the agenda last weekend. View Post