World Book Day

When I was younger (and I’m talking primary school age here), World Book Day was a huge deal. You used to get to dress up, and as a different character each year! You were given book tokens for free, and the Scholastic book fair often used to come and visit at the same time. What wasn’t to love? However, as you get older, it’s no longer a big deal. This disappoints me. View Post

5 books you must read

An addiction to reading can be strangely like an addiction to chocolate. Certainly I find that I can go into a bookshop and come out without buying anything, similar to the way I can go into a chocolate shop and not buy anything – although both these things can be very difficult! However, if I go into my local library I just have to get something out, just like if I go out for a meal I will always choose the chocolate option on the dessert menu. Another similarity is when it comes to quality. I can sit and eat Dairy Milk like there is no tomorrow. It tastes great, but it’s not the best of chocolates. I can also sit and binge-read on ‘chick-lit’ – it’s usually predictable and not very clever, but as soon as I finish one I can be straight onto the other. However, take a… View Post