Rangitoto Island: Our Final Day in New Zealand

It’s over a year since I left New Zealand and I have no idea where the time has gone. In some respects it feels like only yesterday that we were backpacking around the two islands and seeing some incredible sights, but it also feels like a lifetime ago. There’s still one very special story from my time in New Zealand that I haven’t shared yet, and so here it is just over one year on. View Post

Exploring Toulon

When you talk about visiting the South of France most people will instantly think of the glamorous French Riviera, or the Provençal countryside filled with lavender fields or vineyards. Despite being described as the sunniest city in France by some of the people we met, the city of Toulon is unlikely to be anyone’s first guess of where you might be headed. A port city which was largely destroyed during the Second World War due to its large naval base, Toulon isn’t as pretty or as famous as the towns and cities further down the coast. However the sea is just as blue and the area is still interesting to explore – and with fewer tourists doing so! View Post

A day trip to Scarborough

I last visited Scarborough when I was a child, and remembered very little of it, so when the opportunity arose for James and I to go to the beach for the day, we decided that it was a good place to visit. Scarborough is a very easy day trip from York, with regular buses and trains. However, due to these transport links it should also be easily accessible from the rest of the UK, so if you are planning on going for a few days then it is possible to do so without a car. View Post