Happy 4th Birthday

I’ve been writing my blog now for four years exactly, and it has slowly become more a part of me at each step of the way. Rather like a journal, it allows me to look back over some of my favourite places and memories from that time, and know that they are stored somewhere I can return to. It has allowed me to keep friends and family up to date with what I’ve been doing if I’ve been away travelling, or just because we don’t see each other as much. It has prompted opportunities for discussion and helped me find a space to continue writing and improving my photography. View Post

Happy Birthday – 2 years old!

I’ve now been blogging for two years, which is scary in many ways as it means that it is two years since I handed in my dissertation and finished my degree! However, in those two years I have managed to fit in an awful lot more than I thought I would. I’ve been doing plenty of travelling, working hard and earning money, bought a car, completed multiple online courses to help me learn more about what I’m interested in and much more besides. View Post

Happy Birthday – 1 year old!

I officially posted my first ever blog post a year ago today. What started as a post-dissertation project/what I hoped would be a fast-track into the exciting world of professional blogging, has become so much more. View Post