Kowloon, Hong Kong

We spent most of our time in Hong Kong in the Kowloon area. We were staying in Mong Kok, famous for its markets and being the most densely populated area in the world. It’s not as shiny and new as Hong Kong Island but there is a lot of development happening along the waterfront and given a few years I don’t it will be long until both sides look a lot more similar. View Post

Hong Kong Island

We weren’t staying on Hong Kong Island but knew it would be one of the places that we wanted to visit, mainly to go up the Victoria Peak. Taking a short break from our use of the MTR we crossed Victoria Harbour on the Star Ferry which was less than ten minutes journey time but a really nice way to see both sides of the harbour. View Post

Impressions of Hong Kong

I was expecting Hong Kong to be big, loud and overwhelming. I was expecting to feel very much a fish out of water. I’m not really a big city person, and going to Hong Kong was going to be my first experience of being in Asia anyway so I was expecting it to be very different to anything that I had previously experienced. It didn’t disappoint. View Post

Preparing for a Big Trip

Ever since I came back from interrailing for two weeks after my A-levels I have been keen on the idea of doing a big trip. Travelling round lots of different places and being away from home for a substantial amount of time appealed – but these were things I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do. For a start whilst lots of people do gap years, they seem pretty expensive and I was also worried I’d be too scared. It sounds silly but anyone who knows me will know that I worry a lot, so I thought a big trip might just be a bit beyond my reach. View Post

Bristol Bound

It’s less than a year since I wrote my post on starting a new chapter and now I’m starting another one, if not a new book! Things have been very busy and there are a lot of changes in store so I decided it was time for a bit of a life update… View Post