A first timer’s guide to New Delhi: three day itinerary

This is my three day travel guide to New Delhi – an itinerary which will suit first time visitors to the city.

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Celebrating Holi as a tourist in Jaipur

Holi is a Hindu festival of colours, love and spring which is celebrated according to the lunar calendar. As soon as we found out that Holi was just over a week after the wedding we were attending in India it made deciding our travel dates an awful lot easier. We’d both heard of Holi and had seen pictures of the colourful festival, so naturally we were keen to explore it ourselves. It didn’t disappoint, and will certainly be an experience to stay with me for a long time. View Post

Impressions of India – notes on the journey home

I started our trip writing on the way to the airport about how I was feeling about our upcoming travels, so it seems fitting to spend the journey home capturing some of my impressions of the country we’ve just spent the last 17 days in. This will (hopefully) be one of a number of blog posts which will go into much more detail about what we did, along with tips for first time travellers to India. View Post

Thoughts about going to India from the bus to the airport

I’m writing this post on the bus to the airport, but it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’m going on holiday. I’m not quite sure at what point it will – the whole lead up to this current trip hasn’t quite been the way it would usually be when planning a long haul trip. For the last week I’ve had people asking me if I’m excited, and the honest answer has been that I haven’t really been sure. I feel like I ought to be, and I have had moments of looking forward to it, but for someone who is usually a bit like Tigger before going away, I’ve not really been the same about heading to India. View Post

My Travel Diaries: Travel Chapters so far…

Inspired by ‘The Travel Diaries’ Podcast by Holly Rubenstein, I share my own travel chapters through the years in this post.

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