The Christmas countdown in a year like no other

This year the countdown to Christmas is going to feel very different! Here’s what I’ll be doing in 2020 to enjoy the festive season.

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20 reasons why I’ll be embracing Autumn this year

Autumn isn’t my favourite season but I’m determined to do things differently this year. Here’s why I’m embracing Autumn and you should too.

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A few thoughts on the ‘new normal’

As the first covid-19 lockdown comes to an end in England, I share a few personal thoughts and feelings on the ‘new normal’ and restrictions being lifted.

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Having a wedding cancelled due to Covid-19

When you book a wedding you never imagine it’ll be cancelled. Here are a few thoughts on having to cancel your wedding due to covid-19.

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A Lock-down Food Diary

Anyone who has spoken to me, or has read one of my previous posts on life in lock-down will have realised that I’ve become slightly obsessed with food over the last month or so. I think about food a lot. I’ve barely finished one meal and I’ve already started planning the rest. Why? Well I do enjoy food and lock-down is as good a time as any to eat well and take time preparing it. Underpinning this there is probably also a slight anxiety about when it will be time to do our next food shop, but I’m choosing to focus on the fact that lock-down has helped me to rediscover my enjoyment for cooking and planning meals which are tasty and varied. View Post