31 Castlegate, York

Recently I celebrated a birthday, and as I know no better way to celebrate than with good food, it was time for me to pick out a restaurant to visit with James. We’d both been to 31 Castlegate before, and although we usually like to try somewhere new, we had been impressed on our previous visit. Of course, the fact that I received my starter and main course for free on account of it being my birthday didn’t go amiss either… View Post

A short break in York

Those of you who follow my blog will know how much I love York. It was devastating when the floods happened this winter, but York is still open for business. If you were planning a short break, don’t let the recent floods put you off. In fact, now is the best time to go in order to show your support. The community is still thriving, but a little extra help never hurt anybody. View Post

Recipe: Cheesy Leek and Bacon Tartlets

I love recipe books. There is something about the pictures of yummy food, and the exciting range of dishes that you can make which I just really like. However, I also very rarely use them. I could quite easily collect recipe books that I flick through, but never follow, usually because I haven’t planned ahead and don’t have the right ingredients or because I decide it will take too much time. But they are still great for inspiration, and you can quite easily adapt recipes to your taste. For example, recently my boyfriend bought a vegetarian recipe book only to decide that they would all be so much better if they contained meat… However as he isn’t a vegetarian he can add as much meat as he likes! View Post

So long, and thanks for all the fish

One of the things that I was (perhaps naively) not expecting, was the abundance of fish restaurants in the Eastern Algarve. At least every other restaurant in the bigger towns was a fish restaurant, and that’s not to mention the fish markets as well, so not sampling fish wasn’t really an option. I have to admit, I don’t count myself as the biggest fish lover, so initially this worried me a little. However, if someday I want to travel the world I need to be more adventurous with what I eat, and I’m really glad I was. I didn’t have anything that I didn’t enjoy! View Post

Bettys, York

I walked through the centre of York last week on a brief visit, and could tell that tourist season had well and truly kicked in. How? The long queue of people outside of Bettys. When the line on a Tuesday lunchtime is as long as it would usually be on a Saturday, you know that tourist season in York has arrived. For anyone who doesn’t know, Bettys is a tea room which first opened in Harrogate in 1919. There are now six café tea rooms in Yorkshire and the Bettys brand is famous worldwide. View Post