Recipe: Turkey and Sweet Potato Pie

When the weather outside is cold and wintery, there’s often nothing quite so comforting as a Shepherd’s Pie. However, winter is long and dark and there are so many shepherd’s pies that one can eat… so sometimes it calls for a little variation! In an attempt to create something a little different, I developed the following recipe. View Post

Brew and Brownie, York

Brew and Brownie is one of those places that you’ve probably heard of if you live in York. It’s a cute little cafe round the corner from the Minster and over the road from the Museum Gardens and York Explore. They make homemade cakes, serve artisan coffee and have a gorgeous instagram feed – what’s not to love? View Post

Recipe: Falafel Burgers

I don’t know about you, but every now and again I find that I get stuck in a rut with what I am eating. I try not to have the same meal too regularly, simply because it gets boring, but somehow each week the same ingredients end up in my shopping trolley. This weekend, simply because we both had a little more time, my boyfriend and I made a point of trying to find something new to make. The recipe books came out, and falafel burgers were what we chose. View Post

Pitcher and Piano, York

Sometimes being spontaneous can be the best way of going for a meal. In the past going out for a meal has been a treat, but one that has been carefully planned and booked in advance. However, the other day my boyfriend and I decided to go for a meal quite spontaneously and it was wonderful. View Post

Veeno, York

I don’t like fizzy drinks. Never have done, and to be honest highly doubt that I ever will. This can make drinking in a pub problematic. Don’t get me wrong, I love cozy little pubs which serve good food, but I don’t like beer. I also don’t like anything which has a fizzy mixer. This means I usually end up drinking gin and orange (one of my favourites but can be very expensive depending on where you go) or wine. And if you are the only person drinking wine when everyone else has a pint of real ale, it makes you feel a bit pretentious. Cocktail bars are also great. But can also have a menu filled with fizzy options, and can sometimes be very loud on a night out. Taking all this into account, I can’t understand why last night was my first experience of a wine bar, but… View Post