A Long Weekend in Heidelberg, Germany

It’s been a few weeks since I returned home from Heidelberg, and only now am I finding the time to finish off my Germany related blog posts. This isn’t for lack of wanting to (believe me, I want to tell everyone I meet to visit Heidelberg), but real life just sometimes gets in the way. But now I have the time, hopefully you’ll enjoy my latest post on the delights that a weekend in Heidelberg can bring! View Post

Step by step guide to making Spätzle

When I was in Germany last weekend, the friend I was visiting was trying her very best to ensure that I got the full German experience. This largely seemed to involve eating as much traditional German food as possible, which is why one evening we found ourselves making spätzle. Spätzle are a soft egg noodle which work as an accompaniment to other dishes. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to making your own (works best if you have a spätzle press!). View Post

Park life

There’s definitely something to be said for just sitting in a park and soaking up the sun. Often when I travel somewhere I’m too eager to fit in as much as possible, to see as many places as I possibly can whilst I’m there, in case I never return and have the same opportunity again. I feel like this is sometimes a good way to travel, but sometimes it’s best to take things at a slower pace. View Post

A day out in Amiens

Last week I was lucky enough to visit the wonderful country of France. If anyone follows my Instagram feed you’ll be able to tell that I was particularly taken by the pastries and sweet treats on offer. However, my love of France goes further than the food. I also love the language, and although I’m still not particularly confident speaking French, it was a huge delight and surprise to discover how much I could understand. I also quite like the way of life. The experiences I have had at least have proven it to be family-orientated, traditional and fairy easy-going. Certainly the town of Abbeville where I was staying felt very french and unused to foreign tourists, which made it all the more impressive that my friend has made it her home for the past year. Anyway, whilst Abbeville was lovely (and we were certainly blessed by the weather!), one of… View Post

Welcome to the land of patisserie

Last week I was lucky enough to travel to France for a short break. The main purpose of the trip was to visit a very good friend who is currently working as an assistant de langue, however somehow the trip became very food orientated. Visiting France was just what I needed and provided me with a chance to have a proper break and fully relax. But I think the food definitely helped! View Post