A few things I’d like to get out of 2022

In addition to my review of the year, it’s time for my short round-up of hopes and aims for the year ahead. I went into 2021 with my yes wide open and pretty realistic expectations about what was going to happen in the year ahead. 2022 I’m finding a little more difficult. We actually have a surprising number of things in the diary and even though we’ve got used to qualifying everything with ‘well it depends on restrictions’, I’m hopeful that most of them will go ahead. We haven’t had to cancel anything (yet) which was an improvement on this time last year looking into 2021.

What would I like to happen this year? If I allow myself to hope then I’d like to say we’ll finally be celebrating our marriage this summer, and then going off on our dream honeymoon. I would like the things we’ve got planned to actually happen. I’d like to see more of my friends and family, worry less about work and have a better idea of where I want to be (career-wise and life) in the next few years.

Here are a few smaller hopes and dreams for the year ahead, and for those of you who’ve been following for a while, they probably don’t look that dissimilar to years gone by. In some ways it seems like I’ve found what I enjoy doing and just want to keep doing more of it!

  1. To live more sustainably, using less plastic and creating less waste.
  2. To start making exercise a more regular part of my routine again.
  3. To spend more time doing creative things like writing or crafting, and prioritise doing that over other things. I’ve got plenty of craft projects readily available so just need to get on with them!
  4. To keep cooking with variety, and to try and eat more seasonally.
  5. To continue to read more, possibly more non-fiction, and discuss what I’ve read with other people.
  6. Learn how to ice skate properly
  7. To make the most of my evenings, and stop work on time in order to do so.
  8. To think about life next steps – what do I want to achieve before I’m 30?
  9. To do some of the things we keep saying we’ll do – like going camping or climbing Scafell Pike.
  10. To end the year feeling proud of what I’ve achieved!

Happy New Year! How are you feeling about 2022?

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