Freedom is on the horizon: a few thoughts on the end of lockdown

What does ‘freedom’ look like to you? At some point, possibly in May, I optimistically told myself that I wouldn’t be writing about lockdowns and coronavirus anymore. I would actually be able to get back to blogging about day trips and possibly even travel (she whispers cautiously). Yet here we are with ‘Freedom Day’ almost upon us and I couldn’t be less excited.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the taste of freedom that I’ve had so far. Getting to go on holiday for a week in Scotland was wonderful. Being able to see family and have friends to stay have brought moments full of joy. But there’s something about the rising case numbers and the thought of all restrictions disappearing that makes me feel tense. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t be heading off to a nightclub any time soon anyway, but the thought of anything going and it being up to the public to decide what they do which makes me feel uncomfortable.

I know that at some point we have to get used to living with the virus, but when we’ve been fed case numbers for the last year as evidence why we shouldn’t be doing things, it’s hard to look at the rising case numbers and feel like it’s the right decision.

Perhaps a controversial opinion, particularly for those fighting to keep their businesses alive, but I quite like things how they are now. It’s lovely going into a restaurant and knowing that people won’t be breathing down your neck. I enjoy the continental feel as caf├ęs and restaurants have spilled out onto pavements. Not having to stand or queue in a crowded bar and fight to make your order heard feels civilised. Whilst it requires a bit of extra organisation, going out to an attraction and knowing numbers will be limited is nice. Although I am looking forward to heading back to the office for a couple of days and getting a change of scene.

Time will only tell what happens next but I will be staying cautious. Having only had once vaccine and knowing I still have a wait ahead till my second, I actually feel more vulnerable than I have done at any other point in the pandemic. I certainly know more people who are self-isolating than at any other point which is reassuring to know people are actually isolating, but also makes the spread of the virus seem very real. So be careful. Let’s not all forget what our reality has been for the last 18 months just for a couple of house parties.

But onto a happier note, as the days have got lighter and longer and restrictions have eased, my days have been fuller and the year seems to be flying by. There are many times I’ve planned to sit and blog, but somehow other parts of life have got in the way. But I’m feeling full of ideas and having actually been somewhere I might even get some travel content out. Providing I’m able to take the summer at my pace, I’m hopeful that I’ll be feeling inspired and writing more.

What are your plans for the summer? Will you be taking things slow?

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