10 things I’d like to get out of 2021

In addition to my review of the year, it’s time for my short round-up of hopes and aims for the year ahead. I know many people have been counting down to 2021, very keen to see the back of the last year. However I’m not feeling quite so optimistic. If 2020 taught me anything it was how fast life can change, so whilst that suggests there could be plenty of positive things to see from 2021 I think my hopes and dreams are going to be quite small, or at least within my control. I’m going into 2021 with my eyes wide open and with limited expectations of what might be possible, particularly as the only plans we had for this month have already fallen through.

What would I like to happen this year? If I allow myself to hope and dream then I’d like to say we’ll be celebrating our marriage this summer, and then going off on our dream honeymoon. What I’d really like is to start being able to make plans with some more certainty. Whilst 2020 taught me the value of having no plans and how much I can actually enjoy that down-time, the plans I do make I’d like to know will actually happen. I’d also like to get more comfortable with the things I used to class as normal. Places with lots of people and going into shops now causes me anxiety which I’m sure will go eventually.

Here are a few smaller hopes and dreams for the year ahead. And then let’s see what 2021 actually brings.

  1. To live more sustainably, using less plastic and creating less waste.
  2. To spend more time doing creative things like writing or crafting.
  3. To learn how to make good pastry from scratch. I’d love to make a home-cooked pie or sweet tart and know I’ve done it all myself.
  4. To continue to read more and discuss what I’ve read with other people.
  5. To get comfortable using my camera in manual mode rather than relying on auto.
  6. To keep going on long walks, or walks in the local area.
  7. To see the people I want to see when I can.
  8. To think about life next steps – what do I want to achieve before I’m 30?
  9. To stop apologising for things I don’t need to or which are out of my control.
  10. To end the year feeling proud of what I’ve achieved!

Happy New Year! How are you feeling about 2021?

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