The Spicery Curry Legend Kit Review

If you’ve read some of my posts on lockdown then you’ve probably come across me referring to our Spicery Curry Legend Kit. I’ve said for some time now that I should probably write a full review, so I’ve finally gotten round to it (and enjoyed eating a few more curries in the meantime!).

The Spicery Curry Legend Kit was bought for James and I as a Christmas present last year and it’s one of the best gifts we’ve received. It’s certainly one of the gifts we’ve had the most use out of! It’s a very simple concept – there is one recipe book and four different spice blends which come with it. Each of the different recipes will use a mix of the spice blends you have to hand in different quantities alongside other ingredients.

I’ve always been quite nervous about attempting to make a ‘proper curry’ at home, knowing that it can take a really long time to prepare. The Curry Legend kit takes a lot of the hard work out as the spices are already prepared and blended, you simply have to follow the instructions. Whilst some do take a while to make (and James and I usually find we take longer than the suggested amount of time on any recipe) there are some that are quite quick and easy to do. Even the different rices are enough to make other meals you have more interesting.

The Curry Legend Cook Book starts with a number of different menu suggestions before splitting into different sections for easy curries, favourite curries, adventurous curries, veg curries, rice and breads, sides and chutneys and raitas. Each recipe gives suggestions for what else in the book it goes well with, how you can raise your game to improve the recipe and alternative meats and vegetables you could use. In addition to the recipe book, you can also join the online Curry Legend Club and you’ll be sent an additional recipe each month which uses the spice blends you have. This is a nice extra and feels like there is always something new to be cooking.

Each time we’ve cooked something so far we’ve had a meat curry, a veg curry and a rice dish which will last us two days. We’ve also attempted naan bread on a couple of occasions but are still quite far from cracking this! I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve had as they are so full of flavour but I think the korma might be my favourite so far. As well as enjoying eating the curries and cooking them, it is also good fun getting out our kit and flicking through the book to decide what we need to add to our shopping list. It all helps add to the sense of anticipation!

My only comment would be that we’ve found a lot of the curries to be more watery than we expected and I think this is probably from the meat so we’re going to try and put in less water in future to see if this helps to thicken the sauce. That being said, we’re yet to find a recipe we’ve been disappointed with. We’ve also tried a couple of other recipes from The Spicery (a moroccan hotpot and mexican one) and they’ve been equally flavoursome.

If we hadn’t had our Curry Legend Kit we’d have definitely ended up ordering takeaway curries throughout lockdown, but we simply haven’t felt the need. We’ve also ended up buying various kits for family and friends in the hope that they’ll get as much enjoyment out of them as we have. If you’re interested in getting your own kit you can get 10% off your order by using the referral code NICOLA-161087.

Please note that this post has not been sponsored, it’s simply about a product that I love and wanted to share my appreciation of.

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