Some Musings on Autumn

I’m not really a fan of Autumn. In fact, I was more than happy to skip out on the season almost entirely when I headed to New Zealand at the start of October last year. Don’t get me wrong, a crisp, clear morning with colourful leaves in the trees can be beautiful, but more often than not the season doesn’t quite fit that idyllic image. The days get shorter, the weather gets colder (and usually wetter) and the shops are already selling things for Christmas even though it’s still months away. Some people might be ready for their ankle boots and pumpkin lattes but I’d much rather summer continued on for a while longer.

However, it is an interesting time of year. Most people are stuck on the same academic cycle they followed as a child (or still follow if you work for an education establishment) and so September is often a time of new beginnings. I’ve seen new courses advertised, new podcasts released and new projects started simply because it’s “back to school” season. In a way, this time of year has always marked a new start for me as it’s either been a new academic year or I’ll have only recently started a new job. Last year I was preparing for a real bucket list adventure, and this year I’ve moved into a new home. Although one of the reasons I dislike Autumn is due to the plants dying and birds leaving, in some ways Autumn is actually more synonymous with new beginnings for me than the Spring.

Autumnal trees

I didn’t go away at all in August (it seemed to be a month of visitors rather than visiting) so I am beginning to get itchy feet, especially as all too soon I’ll be thinking “a year ago I did this hike or we were in this place”. I feel like I ought to have some sort of new project to get stuck into or be starting a new hobby, but I don’t have plans for either of those things currently.

At the moment the season is laid out ahead of me with surprisingly few plans, although I’m sure that will change soon enough. September seems to come and go remarkably quickly, if I blink I’ll miss it, simply because it’s one of my busiest months at work. As such I try to keep it as clear as possible so that I can have some chilled out time while I’m at home. I also kid myself that there’s still an opportunity for that Indian summer that we’re always promised, so haven’t entirely ruled out picnics, barbecues and walks in the sunshine even though I know it’s unlikely.

The highlight of October for me this year will be a trip to the Peak District with a group of school friends. It’s the first time we’ll have all been away together and I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone and enjoying some time in a new place. The place we are staying in looks gorgeous! And I’m hoping the weather will be kind to us so that there is plenty of opportunity to go walking and see some of the local sights. If you’ve got any recommendations on things to do or places to eat in the area then please do let me know.

I have tentative plans for a few weekends away in November but nothing has been set in stone yet. It’s looking like a good month for catching up with family and friends, as well as planning a Christmas Market trip abroad the following month! Maybe I’ll spend more time curled up with a good book, or concentrating on a jigsaw (or spending time on my blog…), but more than likely I’ll find that time has passed quicker than I expected it to and suddenly we’ll be at the end of yet another year.

How do you feel about the Autumn? Do you have any plans for the next part of the year?

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