Preparing for a Big Trip

Ever since I came back from interrailing for two weeks after my A-levels I have been keen on the idea of doing a big trip. Travelling round lots of different places and being away from home for a substantial amount of time appealed – but these were things I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do. For a start whilst lots of people do gap years, they seem pretty expensive and I was also worried I’d be too scared. It sounds silly but anyone who knows me will know that I worry a lot, so I thought a big trip might just be a bit beyond my reach.

But my love of travel decided otherwise and I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway. It was really exciting when we first started planning for our trip. The possibilities are endless and once you’ve booked your flights you can start researching in earnest as you know that you are actually going!

But then reality and logistics started to kick in. It can be stressful trying to organise everything, particularly when it feels like there are lots of unknowns. For someone who likes to have everything planned it has been difficult letting go slightly and knowing that we are going away without some of our accommodation booked is worrying. But at the same time it means we can be more flexible and spontaneous in our plans when we are away and if something big changes then it won’t cost us a lot to make amendments.

It’s also been difficult working out a budget, particularly strange as I am usually quite good at sticking to a budget. When you’re going away for a significant period of time (and know you’ll have to wait a month for a pay cheque on your return) you need to make a little go a long way. But at the same time you’re going somewhere new and there are all of these exciting activities that you just have to do… But if you spend £100 a day on activities you’d soon run out of money. There a few things that I know we’ll splurge on, but where possible we are trying to keep the costs down.

As we have gotten closer to the trip the sense of anticipation has built, I’ve been getting more excited but also more nervous, particularly when packing. The thing I’m having to tell myself is that I’ve probably got way more than I need with me, that no I didn’t need to buy more of whatever I think I might need more of at that moment, and that anything I have forgotten I can probably get when I’m there.

As I’m writing this post I don’t know what the trip will be like but I’m so glad we’ve decided to do it and that we have the opportunity to do so. It’s much better to give it a go than look back and regret it. I’m hoping we’ll have enough internet for me to keep updating you all whilst we’re away so stay posted to read all about our adventures. Next stop – Hong Kong!

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