Koh Thai Tapas, Bristol

When looking for somewhere to eat in Bristol I am spoiled for choice. There are a mixture of independent restaurants and chains, but even those belonging to chains I am often unfamiliar with as they haven’t made it to Cumbria or York. As a result, I’ve been basing my choices on people’s recommendations (if you have any please do send them my way). I had heard several things about Koh Thai Tapas and it was close to a few bars that our group wanted to go to so it seemed like a good decision.

Between the five of us we opted for the tapas that you can tailor, rather than each selecting an individual meal. There is a choice of two set prices you can pay (the main difference between the two options is the type of meat you will be served) and then you will be given a selection of dishes for the table. You have no idea what you are getting which is quite exciting, but you can give some guidance. For example, we requested some vegetable dishes as one of our party was a vegetarian, and we also asked that dishes weren’t too hot and that there was no squid. I’m afraid I can’t remember all of the dishes that we had but I found the duck rolls and the lamb massaman curry (which I’ve now had in a few places and have decided is my favourite Thai dish) particularly tasty. I was very impressed as I enjoyed everything that we had so the chef got it spot on with our requests.



You will be given a lot of food though. I think we had three different courses which came out, and each one had a large number of dishes. I have to admit that I felt pretty guilty about the amount of food waste that there was, but as we were going on to bars afterwards we didn’t really want to carry a doggy bag with us. As we had all managed to more than eat our fill and there was still a fair amount left I think the dishes could have been slightly smaller and the overall price a bit cheaper as a result. We didn’t even consider pudding!

The restaurant was clearly very popular so I’d recommend booking in advance, especially at the weekend. It also had a really nice ambience and decor and is somewhere I would happily go back to, perhaps for a special occasion or a birthday. It’s close to lots of cocktail bars so is in a good location to make an evening of it if you are celebrating. Once again Thai food pleasantly surprised me!

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