Review: Brunch at York’s Bakery Café, Birmingham

One of the best things about booking just a room in a hotel, rather than bed and breakfast, means that it gives you the opportunity to go out for breakfast. I love going out for breakfast or brunch, although I usually find my appetite is three times the size of what it would be if I was just having breakfast at home. Anyway, given the fact that breakfast wasn’t included in our room tariff, and the time of our trains, it made sense for me and James to go out for brunch when we were in Birmingham and following a recommendation from a blog we headed to York’s Café.

York’s is clearly very popular, or everyone had read the same blog, as it was quite busy when we arrived on Sunday morning. However, we managed to get a table and we discovered that there was further seating downstairs had we needed it. Booking is possible, so if you do really want to go then I would recommend reserving a table, particularly if there are a few of you. The café was busiest from about 11:30am, and only looked to get busier over lunch time so I’d suggest arriving earlier if possible.

There were lots of options on the menu ranging from breakfast sandwiches billed as “perfect to go”, to truffled mushrooms. Also if you like coffee or tea then there was a wide selection, and apparently the filter coffee often changes daily. After much indecision, I opted for the house breakfast which came served in a frying pan.


I don’t know what had been done to the beans other than being described as “braised” but they were a great flavour and much more interesting than normal baked beans. I can also honestly say that the scrambled egg was one of the best scrambled eggs I have had. Unfortunately I had to wait a while for my breakfast as there had been a slight mix-up with our order, but the staff sorted it out very quickly, were incredibly apologetic and also gave me a complimentary drink. It was worth the wait when it arrived, although I have to admit I couldn’t quite manage it all.

James decided to be adventurous and opted for cajun fried chicken with crispy bacon on waffles with maple syrup.


I think he was glad he did! He said it was really tasty, and the bite that I tried was good, although I’m not sure if I would have wanted a full plate of it.

The best bit of the meal though was pudding (because why not have a breakfast pudding when eating out?!). We decided to share some toasted banana bread with salted caramel labneh as we had both been tempted by it on the menu but weren’t sure it was enough for breakfast on its own.


Even though I ended up leaving the café feeling incredibly full, I’m so glad we tried some because it was delicious. It also went really well with the berry sauce that it was served with. If you are looking for a slightly lighter or sweeter option to start your day, then this is what you should have.

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