Happy Birthday – 1 year old!

I officially posted my first ever blog post a year ago today. What started as a post-dissertation project/what I hoped would be a fast-track into the exciting world of professional blogging, has become so much more.

I’ll be honest – I had my doubts that I’d be able to keep it up for an entire year. But whilst I have had periods of silence now and again, I have largely been able to keep up with regular posts. It’s certainly lasted longer than any diaries have done in the past! Whilst it may not have served as an entry into the seemingly glamourous world of travel blogging, it has been a great way of keeping up and developing my writing. It has also encouraged me to start reading more blogs – there is a huge wealth of material out there that I had no idea existed. It has given me an outlet when I get frustrated about something. Sometimes, I will write a post to share my frustrations, but other times just imagining what I would write if I was going to blog about it is enough to calm me down. Most importantly, it has encouraged me to reflect more on my experiences and opinions.

It started off anonymously and whilst it is still nowhere near as personal as some blogs I have read, I still feel very attached to it. I think that I have begun to put a little more of myself into each post, even if I’m not sharing an incredible amount of detail about my life. It has taken time to learn that I don’t need to post every week, and that it is not the end of the world if some posts I put a lot of work into don’t get viewed, but it is a learning process which I am enjoying. And whilst beingbuttons is still only a relatively new and small blog, it is very exciting every time I see viewer numbers go up, someone likes a post or I get a new follower.

I’ve started to share my blog more with people I know, and have become more confident with it than when I first started. At the time of writing, I am undecided, but I might now make my blog more public among my family and friends. I guess we’ll see how I feel. Anyway, as the blog is now a year old, I feel it deserves a bit of a round-up – so here are the highlights:

The post with the most views: Liverpool Highlights

The most liked post: Resident’s Weekend 2016

The post with the best photos (in my opinion): Eastern Algarve, Portugal Highlights

My favourite post: Inspirational Friends


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