Park life

There’s definitely something to be said for just sitting in a park and soaking up the sun. Often when I travel somewhere I’m too eager to fit in as much as possible, to see as many places as I possibly can whilst I’m there, in case I never return and have the same opportunity again. I feel like this is sometimes a good way to travel, but sometimes it’s best to take things at a slower pace.

Recently I ended up with a few hours to spare on my own in the city of Stuttgart before catching my flight back to the UK. I was keen to make the most of it, and first stop was to the tourist information to pick up a city map. I soon discovered that the museums I was interested in were either closed, or further than I was willing to travel in my few hours of freedom. Had I been more adventurous or better prepared, I might have found myself at the Mercedes-Benz museum, or at the TV Tower. Instead, as it was a beautiful day, I took a short walk and ended up soaking up the sun for a couple of hours. I found a nicely located bench in a beautiful park and just sat and watched the world go by. I took some photos, read for a bit and just enjoyed being.

Was this a waste of my last few hours in Germany? After all, you can sit and read anywhere, whereas not everywhere has a pig museum to explore! I’ve still not decided which the better option would have been, but I’m contented with what I chose. It may not have been the most adventurous option, but it still beat sitting in an office (what I would have been doing if I had been at home) and gave me time just to be. The more I see of the world, the more I want to do, but I’m also becoming slowly more aware of the value of just relaxing. Stuttgart – I’ll just have to return and see your museums another day.

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