Sundays are for blogging…

I don’t know about you, but at weekends my Instagram feed is generally filled with people stating about how Sundays are perfect for being lazy, or how Sundays are for blogging. These posts are almost always accompanied by either a photo of a laptop and coffee (perfectly presented of course) or a very clean and neatly made up bed. The bed pictures in particular really irritate me. If I was having a lazy Sunday blogging from my bed, my bed would 1) not be neatly made up but actually look like a bit of a mess (due to the fact I would be/would have been in it) and 2) I would most definitely not have got out of it to take numerous photos to post on Instagram in a post that rivals one of Ikea’s.

I completely understand the desire to take and post photos, particularly if you are trying to increase your blog traffic, however surely you can find something better to post than a picture of your bed. Are you trying to prove that even your lazy days are more perfect than anyone else’s?

I apologise if this comes over as quite aggressive, or as if I am having a bit of a rant but I’ve been thinking a lot about weekends recently. A friend of mine recently posted quite a rant on Facebook about people who live for the weekends, and how we should live for everyday and do something we enjoy everyday. I can see her point, and have to say that I largely agree, however when you are working full time the weekend does seem to take on an almost mythical quality as it is the only day you are not at work.

I try my hardest to make the most of my weekends. It’s far too easy to get bogged down in things like cleaning, grocery shopping and doing your laundry when you could be out exploring something new. February for me has been dominated by dance competitions, so much of my weekends have been dancing, or recovering. The weekend I had off I treasured, but I also had a to do list a mile long. I’m coming to the conclusion that whilst weekends should be fun and a bit different to the rest of the week, they are also just for catching up with yourself in whichever way that might be. If it is being very productive by getting all your household chores done, so be it. If it is spending the whole time in bed, so be it (just don’t post a photo of it!). Weekends are for living YOUR life and nobody else’s. Don’t let anyone tell you how to enjoy a weekend, or judge you for how you spent yours. Weekends are for being… so just be!

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