Brew and Brownie, York

Brew and Brownie is one of those places that you’ve probably heard of if you live in York. It’s a cute little cafe round the corner from the Minster and over the road from the Museum Gardens and York Explore. They make homemade cakes, serve artisan coffee and have a gorgeous instagram feed – what’s not to love?

The first time I visited Brew and Brownie I was sadly underwhelmed. It was towards the end of the day, so there was only a very limited selection of cakes available. It had been a hot day and my friend and I were both slightly dehydrated and a little grumpy, which never makes for the best experience! I was pleased I had been, but knew there were plenty of other cake stops (aka cafes) in York which could serve my needs on other occasions. However, whenever I mentioned the cafe to anyone else I knew, they wouldn’t stop talking about brunch. And when I say brunch, I specifically mean the pancakes.

Now, whenever I have actively tried to go back so that I could sample this famous brunch, I have been foiled. The cafe has either been shut (it’s closed on a Monday), or absolutely jam-packed – which suggested to me that brunch was indeed quite something! Eventually my boyfriend and I made it, and were happy to queue for a short while before getting a table as hot chocolate and american pancakes beckoned – perfect for a cold and wintery day!

James opted for the american pancake stack with maple syrup, streaky bacon and blueberries. I chose an american pancakes stack topped with banana and salted caramel sauce, and added blueberries as well. It was delicious and I can now fully appreciate what all the fuss is about. It’s very filling, so if you are looking for a lighter bite (or were having it as dessert) then you probably could manage sharing one providing that you can agree on toppings! Whilst the Cocoa House is still my favourite for hot chocolate, I know where I’ll be heading next time I fancy some pancakes…


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