Pitcher and Piano, York

Sometimes being spontaneous can be the best way of going for a meal. In the past going out for a meal has been a treat, but one that has been carefully planned and booked in advance. However, the other day my boyfriend and I decided to go for a meal quite spontaneously and it was wonderful.

After a fairly full-on weekend, celebrating graduations and birthdays, we were both tired and eager to have a slow day which didn’t involve much thinking. But also some time to ourselves, having been entertaining other people all weekend. So we went out for lunch randomly and it was great!

We went to Pitcher and Piano, somewhere I have always enjoyed going to but found a little pricey for students. We had only ever been for drinks before, which I can recommend. In York, Pitcher and Piano is right next to the river and so it is lovely to sit out during the summertime. The cocktails, whilst pricier than some other places in York, are very tasty and there is quite an extensive list. It can also feel quite classy, although that could just be in comparison to the studenty places that we used to frequent!

Macaroni cheese

Chorizo Macaroni Cheese – very tasty!

We were both quite unoriginal and not only went for the same dish, but spoilt for choice on the menu, both opted for Macaroni cheese with chorizo. When it arrived, it didn’t look particularly large (much to my boyfriend’s disappointment!) but it came with garlic bread which we hadn’t expected, and turned out to be surprisingly filling. The chorizo was a great addition to the macaroni cheese, adding additional flavours and texture. It’s something I’d be more than happy to have again! Unfortunately, we were both too full to choose a pudding, however I now certainly plan on returning to sample something else, and to make sure I can manage dessert!

Whilst I usually prefer to stay away from chains, Pitcher and Piano doesn’t really feel like one. If you’re visiting York for the first time then there are certainly other options you should try first, but if you are a local or frequent visitor, don’t rule out Pitcher and Piano entirely. It might be the perfect place to go for an unplanned meal out.



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