The art of serenity

Someone once told me that in times of stress you need to:

“Act like a duck. On the surface you look calm, but underneath everything is paddling like mad!”

Those words have stayed with me and are something that I have aspired to, although it’s not always easy. I’ve always got stressed quite easily. Nowhere near as bad as some people I know, but I do sometimes feel as if I’m on a constant treadmill and can’t get off. I also tend to take it personally and to heart if things go wrong, even if it’s not my fault. For the past few years, my new year’s resolution has been to take a more relaxed approach to life, and needless to say I haven’t managed to achieve it yet.


Calm on the top, and paddling like mad underneath!

This year, however, something’s changed (and yes I’m aware it’s early days!). Maybe it’s because I’m working now instead of studying. Maybe I’m more confident with who I am. Maybe it’s just a complete fluke. But something has definitely changed. Twice recently I have been told I look quite calm and serene. Both of these days have been days where I have been incredibly busy and a little bit stressed. When I explained that I was surprised, they expressed their surprise and told me that I looked completely in control. I can’t begin to tell you what a great feeling this was!

Perhaps I’m getting there. Maybe somewhere I started to turn into a duck… must have been living in York for too long!

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