New Year in London

I’ve spent New Year in a few different places – at parties, working behind a bar (not fun!), tucked up in bed, and in Edinburgh, but I think one of my best new year’s to date was ending 2015 and starting 2016 in London. I went with a group of friends, which of course was partly what made the whole experience, but I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has considered it as an option.

So what was so great about it? For a start, the fireworks were fantastic! You may have seen them on the TV, but there’s nothing like seeing it first hand. The sky was lit up with colour and sparkles and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, it was so good I don’t have any photos to share with you as I was trying to embrace the moment rather than view it through my camera (unlike most people around us). The atmosphere was also great. Although to start with we seemed to be the only people who were excited and enjoying dancing along to music, there was definitely a build in atmosphere as we came closer to midnight. This sense of anticipation growing was 100% better than people getting steadily drunker and rowdier in a bar.

I can definitely see the appeal of going away for New Year. Why not end one year and start another doing something new and exciting? New Year’s Eve was spent in Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (my first visit) which in no way compares to the beauty of the Prague Christmas Markets, but was pretty magical in a completely different way, in that it felt like I was in some sort of film. Anyone else had that feeling? Skating on the ice rink was a great way to spend the afternoon, followed by a swift trip to Harrods to pick up one last treat of 2015.

New Year’s Day was a lazy affair which after a slow start, took shape with a walk around the Camden markets. Following this, a walk up to Hampstead Heath and a winter cider in a cozy pub rounded off the day nicely.

I’ve only been to London a few times, but each time I go I think I enjoy it more. I still wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s a great place to visit and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to explore more of it by spending the new year in London. Now I need to start thinking about where I could spend next year…



  1. January 3, 2016 / 5:38 pm

    I’m glad you enjoyed it here in London! I saw the fireworks from the TV and they were fantastic! I can’t begin to imagine how amazing they were in real life!☺

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