… and a few things I’m hoping to get out of 2016!

Happy New Year! We’ve now reached 2016 and many people will be turning their thoughts to New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve actually already written a blog on New Year’s Resolutions as part of my current job, and it got me thinking about what I want to get of 2016, and where I’d like to see myself in a year’s time. Some of these things aren’t things I have full control over, but are things I want to see happen. I won’t be a failure if I don’t get there, but they are things I’d like to achieve. Rather than resolutions, perhaps these are goals. Either way, here they are. What do you want to get out of this year?

  1. To be happy and healthy
  2. To get a permanent job contract
  3. To brush up my language skills, and perhaps start learning a new language
  4. To visit Heidelberg and Amiens (amongst multiple other places of course!)
  5. To become more confident in myself
  6. To be able to foxtrot
  7. To decide what direction I’m going in with this blog, and to keep posting regularly
  8. To keep in touch with the people that matter
  9. To stress less and be more spontaneous
  10. To see those I love rewarded with a happy and successful year.

Hope you all have a great 2016!

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