Bank Holidays

Ah bank holiday weekends – a time that everyone looks forward to… Well actually, this is the first bank holiday weekend where I have been able to appreciate the fact that I get an extra day off work. In the past, I have either been working part time so it doesn’t make much difference, or I have worked in a pub and so the bank holiday has been spent working on one of the busiest days of the summer. This year however, I can sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend.

So how have I made the most of this time?

Visit somewhere new. I am lucky enough to live in a city which for many people is on their list of places to have a short break in the UK. As a result, this weekend the city has been full of people making the most of the weather (until today) and seeing the delights that York can offer. I have also been able to do this, but with only a ten minute walk rather than a lengthy journey. Having lived in York for the past few years I have done an awful lot of the attractions, but there are still some I haven’t had chance to so I ventured out to Fairfax House, an eighteenth century townhouse that is filled with an interesting selection of clocks and the Noel Terry Collection. The guides were very informative and it was a lovely visit.

Sign up for a new challenge. For a while now my boyfriend has been quite keen to get into climbing and bouldering, so having the time we went along to the local centre to book him up for an induction. He was keen for me to join him, but I wasn’t so keen so declined. However, as we walked away from the centre I (typically) changed my mind. We are now both having our induction this week. Could it be the start of a new hobby? Or is it going to be a big mistake? Who knows! But I’ve made no commitment beyond the induction so we’ll just have to see how it goes…

Do something you haven’t done for a while. In my case, baking. I really enjoy baking, but don’t really do it as often as I would like. My boyfriend was also keen to bake something, having recently bought a load of new baking equipment. So we got to work and made a banoffee pie. Slight mishap in the middle where the biscuits ended up all over the kitchen (James got a little over enthusiastic breaking them up into crumbs!) but other than that it went fairly smoothly. We skipped the cream on the top (I don’t like cream) but other than that, it looks like a fairly decent first attempt. Tastes pretty good too!

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

We’ve done other things like meet up with friends, buy a new chest of drawers, catch up with some chores, and I’ve also enjoyed just not really doing a lot. Having chance to read a book, watch a tv programme, just generally be a little bit lazy and it be absolutely fine. I think I could get to like bank holidays.

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