Rustique, Castlegate, York

Most people who are familiar with York are familiar with the delights of Rustique. If you are not, or if at some stage you are planning to visit this beautiful city, then I suggest that you become acquainted with this wonderful restaurant. It is so good there are now two in the city and if you want to go at the weekend then you need to book in advance otherwise you just won’t get a seat.

So what is so great about Rustique? It is described on the website as “Rustic French dining in a bistro environment”, which is a pretty good summary, but in no way does it justice. Rustique delivers good quality, authentic French food in cosy atmospheric surroundings, at very affordable prices. I know I’m going a little heavy on the adjectives, but I have to get across how great this place is. Given that Rustique has 1846 “Excellent” reviews on TripAdvisor, I know I’m not the only one with this opinion.

Rustique in Castlegate, York

Rustique in Castlegate, York

The set menu, which is what I have eaten from each time I have been, offers the choice of two courses for £14.95, or three for £16.95. Given the quality of the food, and the prices you might expect to pay at a similar sort of restaurant, this is excellent value. It also means that it is a favourite with students who are adventurous enough to move away from the likes of Nandos and try somewhere a bit classier for a special occasion. The staff are usually busy, but are always polite and attentive. The restaurant itself has a rustic charm and a great ambience which gives it a sense of character.

I have only heard positive things about the food from people I know, but would strongly recommend what I had when I last visited. I started off with Fritot de Brie, which is breaded brie served on a mixed leaf salad with a mixed berry compote. For main I had my favourite meal, Confit de canard. A slow roasted leg of duck served with dauphinoise potatoes and a port and red wine sauce. My only criticism would be that this does not come with vegetables, so if you want some then make sure you order them separately! Finally, for dessert I just about managed a Pot au Chocolat, a set rich chocolate cream which comes served with shortbread and crème fraiche. I drank the house Merlot which complimented the duck wonderfully.

Rustique is a great place and I only wish I had discovered it sooner. If you are reading this, you have no such excuse!


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