Sometimes… a night in is better than a night out can ever be

My boyfriend and I have done quite well during the time we have been at university, often going out once or twice a term together and each time trying to go somewhere new. As a result, when our friends want recommendations, they often come to us because we dare to try places beyond Nandos and Wagamamas (for the record, I think both are highly overrated!). However, sometimes it can be nice to stay in. You don’t have to go anywhere and it’s a lot cheaper, although the washing up afterwards can be a bit of a pain!

We quite often cook together, but it is sometimes nice to have a bit of a change and make a conscious effort to do something bigger/better/beyond the ordinary. Last summer, we basically made ourselves a feast, and this has happened on occasions since. Just a quick disclaimer for when you view the picture below – yes, this was all for two people. No, we didn’t eat it all in one sitting!

Make a mini feast and savour the moment!

Make a mini feast and savour the moment!

Pictured here you can see:

  • A big, fresh salad
  • Herby pasta
  • Tapas skewers
  • French baguette
  • Dipping oil
  • Baked camembert
  • Pepperoni dough balls

It didn’t take too much effort to make, and it was incredibly tasty. We’ve done it since with a range of variations and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

Spending time together is important, and sometime spending time together where someone else will do the cooking and washing up is exactly what you need. But sometimes you only do it because it’s ‘the done thing’. Next time you find yourself disagreeing about where you should go for a meal with someone, consider whether going out for that meal is actually the best option. Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. Eat something different, crack open a bottle of wine and give the other person your full attention – staying in can be special too.

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